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What You Need To Know About File Hosting

What You Need To Know About File Hosting

File hosting service, also known as online file storage service, cloud storage service or cyber locker is an internet hosting service that has been specifically created to host various types of user or client files. A hosting service enables a client to upload any type of files which can be accessed via the internet using different computer or any device that can connect to the internet either by the same user or another user as long as they can provide the required authentication data or password. Naturally, a file hosting service allows FTP access or HTTP access.

Uses of File Hosting Sites

One of the major usage of a file hosting site is personal file storage. Storage services for personal files are designed for private individuals with an aim to offer somewhat a network storage for file distribution, access or personal backup. With this, a client will be able to upload a file which can be password protected or shared publicly. At present, among the popular document sharing services on the internet are Google Docs, Scribd, wePapers Docstoc and Issuu. However, these services do not have storage although they allow users or clients to collaborate and share on various types of document files including word documents, PDFs and spreadsheets. Some of the most recently initiated online file storage services like DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive iCloud and SkyDrive are designed to enable clients to synchronize and share any type of files using any kind of devices that can be connected on the internet.

Another use of file hosting is for software hosting. Authors and developers of Free / open source software, shareware and or freeware usually utilize file hosting services in order for them to be able to extend their creations to the public. But on the other hand, free downloads such as this have the same inherent problem which is the massive bandwidth cost. In order for these costs to be covered, a number of websites that offer free downloads using software hosting services deliberately delay the launching of the download or intentionally slow down the actual downloading speed in order for a user to be persuaded to sign up for a premium or paid account. Most of these hosts often offer supplementary services for free software authors like marketing features or data statistics.

Lastly, file hosting can also be used for content caching. Some of the content providers who probably will run into bandwidth clogging or congestion issues could use this kind of service that is focused on distributing static or cached web content. This is often normal for companies or websites with massive online presence.

One Click File Hosting

CyberLocker is also known as one click file hosting and this is usually referred to online services that enable a user to effortlessly upload a file or files stored in their hard disks directly into the host server without costing a dime. Services may vary but a traditional online click file hosting server may basically return a URL or a link which can be provided to another user who may want to access the file later. However, several of these links are often predictable which allow for the possible misuse of the file hosting service. Ever since 2005, there has been a major increase in terms of popularity for this kind of hosting service although a number of smaller websites with inefficient system have failed on providing the quality service required by their users. And while one click file hosting can be used on a lot of purposes aside from file sharing, this type of purpose still has to some degree compete with more popular and reliable P2P file sharing services.

Websites with one click file sharing services usually make money by charging for a premium account or through heavy advertising. Those who sign up for a premium or paid account are usually given higher downloading speeds and removing the waiting time or downloading restrictions. A user with a premium account can also have longer periods of time for maintaining the files they have uploaded. Additionally, premium services have access to unlimited downloading opportunities; enjoy maximum downloading speed and no waiting time among others. Some one click file hosting providers also apply CAPTCHA in order to put off automated downloading.

Security Issues

There are several security issues that are often associated with file hosting. Regardless of the fact that the user can continue accessing their uploaded files will depend on a wide variety of factors that range from the quality or speed of their internet connection, location as well as the physical reliability of the data center of the provider or the stability of the storage host in terms of finances. But naturally, if a file hosting provider has a solid online presence, there is a good chance that the file will remain longer online.